Your Comprehensive College Planning Resource

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Find The Right College

  1. Personal Student Intro Interview
  2. Student guidance (group/individual)
  3. Self-directed online aptitude assessment
  4. Career Match to Major to College
  5. Customized online college match

Get Into The Right College

  1. SAT/ACT/AP Prep Classes
  2. In-depth, step by step timeline and student workbook
  3. Text/Email Reminders to parents/students
  4. College visit guidance – “wanted student”
  5. Essay Review and Resume template

Pay The Right Price For College

  1. AVERAGE SAVING $8,000 – $20,000
  2. Customized Expected Family Contribution Report
  3. FAFSA and CSS profile review
  4. Aid award analysis and review
  5. In-depth Financial Guidance

Knowledge4College has really helped my son stay focused, also helped me as a parent. This is our first try sending a child to college. Michele has really shown me the steps of how to apply for college, about some of the resources that I didn’t know were available.

Shelli West