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In Praise of Mediocre Kids

Published in Boston Magazine by JULIE SURATT · 8/27/2017, For full article CLICK HERE Last year, my son Finn came home from school and announced that he wanted to play the French horn. Naturally, I signed him up. A few weeks later, we got an email from the music director politely letting us know that Finn would benefit greatly… Read more »

The Importance of Completing the FAFSA

The magic date of October 1st is fast approaching.  The cost of sending a student to college is undeniably stunning for most families. Not only is there the cost of tuition, but you also have room and board, books and supplies, student activity fees, health insurance, lab fees, transportation and personal expenses. It goes without… Read more »

When It Comes to College, Only Half of America’s High Schoolers Say They Feel Prepared, Survey Finds By:  Katie Stringer  Click Here is View Full Article Only half of U.S. students think their high schools have prepared them with the knowledge and skills they need for college, according to recent survey data. Compiled by the nonprofit YouthTruth, the data reveal an uncertainty among high schoolers in how to become ready for college and… Read more »

The Truth About Scholarships

DIY COLLEGE RANKING BLOG – – BY MICHELLE KRETZSCHMAR – – VIEW FULL STORY – HERE There are two major delusions/misconceptions about paying for college that too many parents have. The first is that by not saving for college, parents claim this will make their kids eligible for more financial aid. Why bother saving if… Read more »

Bright Futures…Changes and what they mean for Florida Residents

FLORIDA RESIDENTS: If you have someone in college or someone starting college this Fall, I have some important information for you. (Actually, this will likely apply to Florida High School students planning to go to college.) Many of you are likely not political junkies like me, so, you may not be aware of all of… Read more »

Don’t Major in Debt

There is a lot of conversation surrounding Student Loans and Student Loan Debt, but, I don’t often see it so well illustrated as in the video below. Student Loans (and Parent Plus Loans) are crushing an entire generation. FIRST LESSON: Choose an EMPLOYABLE DEGREE!! When I work with students, the very first thing that I… Read more »

Myth of the Full Ride Scholarship

There is a lot of misinformation around getting scholarships. During this video, we discuss both Private Scholarships and Merit/Athletic Scholarships. Parents tend to rely on anecdotal information to help their sons/daughters choose a college. They mistakenly assume that since their son/daughter is “Bright”, or the “Star Soccer, Football, etc., player” that they will be granted… Read more »