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College…It’s Not Just an Experience

Not so long ago college was not only a place to continue a youth’s education, it was a time for growth, maturity and to simply experience and enjoy life with a little more freedom. The rising costs of college coupled with the challenging economic times has, for most, completely changed the emphasis on what is… Read more »

Employers Want to Hire College Athletes

Article published on October 2, 2017, by Fred Bastie,  Click here for full article. EMPLOYERS WANT TO HIRE COLLEGE ATHLETES Article published on October 2nd, by Fred Bastie,  Click here for full article. The life lessons learned from athletic competition are many, and apparently they pay big dividends.  For most college… Read more »

It’s FAFSA Time

The ever so time-consuming process of filling out your FAFSA may seem horrifying, but following some of our time-tested tips and tricks will help you get through the application process. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is your ticket to federal student aid, including scholarships, grants and student loans. Completing the FAFSA is a… Read more »

Great Resource for TEXTBOOKS

I found another excellent resource for textbooks.  It may not provide all the books you need, but, you should check here first.  CLICK HERE

Playing Sports in College

There is more to playing sports in college than just being a talented athlete. There are 1,000’s of talented athletes. How is your son/daughter setting themselves apart from the pack. Remember, the odds are against you! But, active participation in the process can really make a big difference. What are some things you need to… Read more »

New Website

Thank you for visiting our new website and blog.  Check back soon for tips and updates for planning your future.