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Your one-stop for all things college. Most clients save an average of $8,000 – $20,000!​

  • Customized Expected Family Contribution Report
    When making a plan to pay for college, it’s important to know how much you are likely to pay.
  • Detailed, Month by Month, Step by Step Timeline
    Detailed timeline (with Reminders) to keep your college planning process on track. Reminders will be sent out based on graduation year.
  • Student Workbook
    This workbook will provide everything a student needs right at their fingertips. Over 75 pages of detailed guidance.
  • Access to a Career and College Planning System
    The proper way to plan for college is CAREER-MAJOR- COLLEGE. Most people take the approach of COLLEGE-MAJOR- CAREER. This system will provide detailed aptitude tests and personality profiles and match students to careers based on their unique personality. Once likely careers are discovered, the system will match each career with major selection. Once majors are determined, colleges can selected that offer majors of interest. It’s important to keep in mind that you are not planning for the next 4 years – – but, for a lifetime.
  • College Fair Strategies
    Student should attend one college fair in their area. Most colleges are looking for students that can show “demonstrated” interest in their school. Visiting a college booth at a college fair is a great, inexpensive way to start showing interest.
  • ACT/SAT Comparison Score Report
    Many students take both the ACT and SAT multiple times. Since colleges require only one or the others, we recommend focusing on one. This report will show on which test the student is likely to perform best. (Students must take ACT/SAT once before requesting this report.)
  • College Visit Guides, Videos and other resources
    Time and money are precious commodities in today’s world. Make sure when visiting a college, you have a productive college visit. It’s important that students demonstrate interest, find an advocate on campus and discover what it takes to be a “wanted” student.
  • Samples of a Personal Portfolio
    It’s imperative that students stand out when visiting a college. If you are unlikely to qualify for “need-based” aid and the school has money available, the student needs a make an impression. Leaving behind a personal portfolio is one way to do that.
  • ACT/SAT AND AP test prep online software
    In today’s world, test scores are almost as important as G.P.A. Unfortunately, most students don’t have time for “in-person” prep classes. Knowledge4College has the answer. We have partnered with a phenomenal online test prep resource. Not only can you prepare for the ACT/SAT tests, but, also for AP exams. This is a very student-oriented website and has many more resources available.
  • Informational Interview guidance and resources
    When deciding on lifetime career, it’s important to gather as much information as possible. We highly recommend finding someone in your chosen field and asking if you can have an informational interview. Resources are available to assist you with this process.
  • Online guidance for help with AP Classes and beyond
    We have partnered with a great resource that allows for the student to learn outside the classroom and will be better prepared to get high grades. The resource provides in-depth videos of popular book titles, often used in AP classes as well as other helpful information.
  • Personalized Student Guidance
    Have questions that are not answered on our website. The student is able to email our student coach anytime. Emails will be answered within 24 hours. Need more guidance, your subscription allows for a phone conference of up to one-hour of personal guidance per month in Junior and Senior year.
  • Essay Writing Workshop and other tips
    For many colleges, the quality of a student’s essay can mean the difference of being accepted and not being accepted, especially if the school is a reach school.
  • Personalized Essay Review
    One of our student coaches will review the student’s essay. Each student will be allowed to submit an essay, get feedback and have one re-write reviewed.
  • FAFSA and CSS PROFILE review
    Financial aid forms are confusing and mistakes are costly. Have one of our professionals review your documents before submission.
  • Aid Award Analysis and Review
    Once all offers have been received, it is critical to review each offer and understand what the college is offering. College can cost more than expected if parents do not fully understand the award letters. The award letters will be subjected to a side-by- side comparison and a full understanding of the likely TOTAL cost will be explained. It is recommended that parents have a plan to pay for all 4 years, not just the first year. One or two phone conferences will be offered with one of our financial experts.
  • “Negotiating” the student’s award package (AVERAGE SAVINGS $2,000 – $5,000/year)
    If the student has demonstrated interest in the school, has an advocate on campus and has something to say, there is an opportunity to get additional aid. Guidance will be given to students via a phone conference. There is also a video explanation available.
  • Financial Guidance Available
    Check to see if it’s possible to lower your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Understand the pros and cons of savings vehicles. Ensure you are efficient with your dollars. Create a plan to pay for college.

Knowledge4College (K4C) is not associated with any standardized test administrators or with any universities/colleges. We do not guarantee the occurrence of a specific event or action, such as school admission and/or financial assistance, by purchasing or using our services.