Myth of the Full Ride Scholarship

There is a lot of misinformation around getting scholarships. During this video, we discuss both Private Scholarships and Merit/Athletic Scholarships. Parents tend to rely on anecdotal information to help their sons/daughters choose a college. They mistakenly assume that since their son/daughter is “Bright”, or the “Star Soccer, Football, etc., player” that they will be granted scholarships. There is more to it than that. We look at others and assume that since they received scholarship money, certainly, our son/daughter will receive it as well.

College selection is a critical piece in the merit/athletic aid game. And, I use the word, “game” with intention. You need to understand the “rules” of the scholarship/merit aid game in order to maximize your results. Parents don’t know what they don’t know and it’s costing them $1,000’s.

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