Playing Sports in College

There is more to playing sports in college than just being a talented athlete. There are 1,000’s of talented athletes. How is your son/daughter setting themselves apart from the pack. Remember, the odds are against you! But, active participation in the process can really make a big difference.

What are some things you need to know if your son/daughter would like to play sports in college? Listen to this informative video where we will outline the best way to maximize your chances to play sports in college. There are many myths and a lot of misinformation about college sports scholarships. There are only 6 sports that actual give a full ride for the sports alone. Does your son/daughter play one of those? If not, how else can you get money from the college?

Is your son/daughter doing everything they need to do in order to make sure they can play sports in college? There are specific steps that students can takes to ensure they get seen. What about “camps”? How important are they when planning to play in college?

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