“Knowledge4College has really helped my son stay focused, also helped me as a parent. This is our first try sending a child to college. Michele has really shown me the steps of how to apply for college, about some of the resources that I didn’t know were available.”

Shelli W.

“Knowledge4College have definitely helped our family get through the waters of trying to figure out what college to go to … also as a mediator for some for some of the difficult decisions that need to be made”

 Mona and David G.

“Knowledge4College has helped us prepare for college planning by getting us organized, by helping us with the materials that show us what type of scheduling format to make out for each year of high school. ”

 Savannah and Stephanie S.


“Michele at Knowledge4College has an amazing program because has that personal approach in working with the student, also a wonderful demeanor in working with the family as a whole. She also provides a big range of knowledge and tools and assessments to prepare a student for college.”

Suzanne H.


“Knowledge4College has given me such peace of mind, it’s helping me with all the details, which can be so overwhelming. It has helped my kids hone in on what they want to do as a major when they get to college.”

Maureen K. (Florida)


“Michele at Knowledge4College has really made us all more comfortable in the process of preparing for and getting ready to send Maddy to the college that’s going to be a good fit for her”

Nicole W.


“My daughter has really enjoyed working with Michele. She pretty much only had a single college choice when she started but Michele has opened her eyes to the importance of considering all facets so that she is very comfortable now with numerous college choices”.

Soams C.