TEXT BOOKS – – Buy, Rent, or Borrow??

My son, Luc, starts college in about a month.  I’m always looking for ways to reduce expenses.  And, a big expense we still need to cover is books.  So, I reached out to a FB PAGE that I follow and received LOTS of great advice!!  BIG shout out to parents and admins of Paying for College 101.

There are several resources for you to use so that you can eliminate some of the cost of books.  Unless this is a book that needs to be kept, consider RENTING.  Or, at the very least, buy the book used.  And, do NOT buy books until after classes start.  Sometimes the professor will say the books are not needed OR an older version is fine.  You will be told to buy the books now, but, remember, they can have them within a day or two.  (Luc will be waiting till after the first class.)

Here are some great suggestions:

  1. AMAZON – Yes, students can rent books from AMAZON PRIME and they will come with return boxes and reminder emails.
  2. CHEGG – Also rents books.  They will extend the deadline, if needed, AMAZON will not.
  3. CAMPUSBOOKS and VOLAREBOOKS – Rents books.  Not sure about the extension, though
  4. SLUGBOOKS, BOOKSPRICE and TEXTSURF.COM – These are comparison site, like KAYAK for travel.  It will search the web for the best price.

BEWARE:  Some colleges are now “bundling” books and other items so that you HAVE to use the bookstore.  Make sure you find out if the book has been bundled before you rent/buy it online.

In all things, we should show our young adults how to be good financial stewards.  Have them do some research on the best place to get books.  Make them see the difference is cost by spending a little time vs. taking the easy way and just buying the books at the bookstore.


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